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Reiki, Balance

Distance Reiki 1:1

Rocio B. - Israel

"The experience was beautiful. I could feel the energy on every session, and felt much better after. I recovered enough to be able to make the changes needed in my life."


What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient form of healing that is very gentle and relaxing. It was revived by Mikao Usui early 20th century and shared to the world.

Reiki helps the body's natural healing processes at each of our different bodies.

We have physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. We also have 7 main energetic centres along the spine connected to different areas in our body and organs.

Reiki flows through your energetic field, cleansing and aligning these energetic centres or chakras to help you to cultivate a sense of peace, calmness and tranquility.

Reiki promotes emotional + spiritual well-being, helping you to relieve stress, anxiety, receive clarity on a challenge in your life, and feel more grounded and at ease in your body.

How distance Reiki works?

Reiki is a form of energy healing rooted in the belief that a universal life force energy flows through all living things. 

Distance Reiki operates on the idea that this healing energy can be transmitted across space without direct contact. It draws parallels to everyday technologies like Wi-Fi or mobile signals, where connections happen without tangible interaction.

During a Distance Reiki session, the practitioner sends Reiki energy remotely.

Can anyone receive Reiki?

Absolutly, everyone and everything can receive Reiki. There is no harm on sharing Reiki.

What to expect?

The Reiki session are held via Zoom calls. You will need to find a quiet space to lie down and relax during the session without interruptions.

The session will begin with a conversation to understand the reason of approaching Reiki Energy Healing, and then Natalia will provide Distance Reiki. 

Once the session finishes, you will receive feedback from Natalia.


Reiki Session 1:1

Bring harmony and alignment into your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body with Reiki energy.

Duration: 1 hour - Zoom meeting


1 session - £50

4 sessions - £175

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