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Reiki + Art + Meditation [RAM]

Throughout ancient times, art has been the expression of human beings on this planet.

This connection is inherent to our nature; we just need to allow the time and space to connect with our own creative energy.

Reiki healing, combined with your creative energy, is a powerful tool to connect with your heart and inner wisdom.

The workshop is a safe space for you to connect with your inner wisdom, balance your energy field, have fun, and take your art home.


Meditation Journey

You will experience a Reiki healing and guided visualization meditation, where you will connect with your inner wisdom utilizing your imagination to journey inward and access the information within your system, seeking to activate what is already inherent within you.

During the meditation, you may recognise which areas of your life may need focus and/or attention to bring harmony within yourself.

Each workshop would have a different intention to work with.

Meditation and group Reiki session


Reiki Session

You will experience a Reiki healing session to harmonise and align your energetic centres. This allows the intention placed during the meditation to flow with ease within yourself, thereby reflecting in your life.


Art Session

Time to play with colours!

You will create your own artwork, delving into your emotions, self-awareness, and self-expression. 

Painting session of Reiki+Art+Meditation workshop

RAM Intention

Ram is the bija (seed sound) mantra of the manipura (navel or solar plexus) chakra — the source of personal power.

The intention of RAM workshop is for you to remember who you are, connecting with your intuition, inner wisdom and owning your power from a place of love.

What they say

Lucrecia C.

The RAM workshop was such a nice way to finish the day.
Natalia’s positive and caring energy helped to create a very comfortable environment where I felt I could relax, explore and express my feelings safely. I personally loved the painting session after the guided meditation, I liked how it gave a new form to what I had experienced before and I can still go back to that feeling every time I see it in my house. I strongly recommend attending to this workshop if you like to start or continue the journey of self exploration.
Painting of Reiki+Art+Meditation workshop

For RAM workshop at workspace or community centre please fill the form below:

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