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Natalia Gentilcore Coach, Artist, Reiki Master


Your voice, your story

has the power to change life.

With intention we can spread love.


Welcome to my home

I invite you to a space for our personal growth.

A safe space for you to connect with your body, your inner wisdom and allow yourlsef to be You in your fullest expression.

I invite you to share a mate time with me or a tea time, if you prefer,

and let me introduce myself.

*Mate: traditional beverage from South America. It is made by steeping dried leaves from the yerba mate plant in hot water.

Natalia Gentilcore Coach, Artist, Reiki Master


My name is Natalia Gentilcore

An architect by profession, an intuitive artist by heart.

My purpose is to guide you to connect with your heart, to recognise your true essence and allow yourself to shine your light sharing your unique gifts to serve yourself and others.

I became a Reiki Master, Chopra Meditation Instructor and Life Purpose Coach to hold your hand in your journey of remembering your full potential.

Do you have your warm tea or mate ready?
What I love...

Immersing myself in nature, drinking mate to reconnect with home and family, and feeling the warm energy of the sun on my skin.

I can talk for hours about energies, meditation, art, holistic therapies, and engage in profound conversations about mindset, emotions, and life experiences. It brings me immense joy to listen to people's stories, learn about their dreams, understand their struggles, and witness how they navigate through life.

Over the last five years, I studied mindfulness, meditation, energy therapies, mental health, and life purpose coaching. What began as a journey of self-development soon evolved into a passion, and I started to share this wisdom with others. Now, I can't wait to extend this love to you.

But, this wasn't always like that...

I had the fortune to have access to free university and chose the career of architecture. I got excited thinking that I could create a better place to live.

Once completing my studies, I moved to London with my partner to materialise the dream of re-urbanizing cities and favelas in the world.

Despite the initial language barrier, and my very little knowledge of it, gracefully I got a job in architecture. Since then, my professional life has continued growing.

Nobody told me about the culture shock that people experience when moving abroad.

Externally, everything seemed perfect, yet internally, I felt a profound sense of emptiness and confusion, accompanied by a feeling that something was missing, but not knowing what. It was when high levels of anxiety started.

This void of non being fulfilled in my career and life, started to be reflected on my relationship. Ultimately, leading to a difficult path of separation and divorce.

This period brought profound moments of guilt, fear, early stages of depression, leaving me questioning my life's purpose, and my own value as a woman.


Blessed with friends and family offering constant support and reminders of love, I embraced vulnerability and sought support.

Not only on different therapies but also immersing myself in self-help books. Learning about mindfulness, mental health, meditation, Ayurveda, energies, and reconnecting with the joy of painting. These tools helped me to connect with my body, understand my mind, emotions and my energy.

Amazed by the positive changes in my life and inspired by the wisdom I gained, I realised that the purpose of life I was questioning, was just in front of the mirror. It was simply to accept myself, listening to my heart.

I recognized the power of returning to one's core, the heart, and the profound impact of allowing ourselves to share our light, realizing that in doing so, we serve humanity and ourselves.

Natalia Gentilcore Coach, Artist, Reiki Master

​My journey started wanting to change the world, and end up remembering my core, embodying Mahatma Gandhi's timeless wisdom:

"Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Natalia Gentilcore Coach, Artist, Reiki Master
Natalia Gentilcore Coach, Artist, Reiki Master
Natalia Gentilcore Coach, Artist, Reiki Master

Now, my life become my canvas, a space for my soul to express in colours. 

The integration of art, meditation, and energy serves as my own medicine. 

As an artist, my creative process integrates these three elements. Connecting with Reiki's healing energy, I create meditations that promote balance and alignment within our energetic field. ​

These powerful energetic visualizations are offerings I share with you through my services.

And as a Life Purpose Coach and Reiki Master, I am here to hold your hand in your journey of remembering your own power in the creation of your life.

  • Architect 
    Universidad Nacional de Rosario | Argentina
  • Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master
    Level I & II: The Reiki Science Academy, Master: Reiki Maya, Karuna: Talete Awakening Energy | London
  • Sekhem Reiki
         Level I & II: Soul Centering​
  • Chopra Meditation Instructor
    Chopra Center
  • Art Life Coach
    Transformation Academy
  • Mental Health First Aider
    MHFA England
  • Certified Dharma (Life Purpose) Coach
    Dharma Coaching Institute 
  • Soon Chopra Health Instructor
         Chopra Center

My professional journey:

CNHC_Reiki registration
Certified Chopra Centre Meditation Instructor
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