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Natalia Gentilcore Coach, Artist, Reiki Master


Connect with your heart,

become the artist of your own universe.


A powerful way to start is tapping into the power of your unconditional imagination.


In front of you there is a white canvas...

You can paint there your dream life

 You living your purpose

Being the most authentic version of yourself

Feeling alive and joyful 

Connected with your body and intuition

Being the artist of your reality

How your paiting looks like?


My approach to coaching

My approach to coaching is deeply rooted in the knowledge gained from my personal journey, which includes continuous self-development courses, meditation and health education in the Chopra Centre. These experiences have provided me with valuable insights into the complexities of human existence and the pursuit of fulfillment.

Furthermore, I incorporate the principles of Dharma - Life Purpose - Coaching into my practice, serving as a foundational framework for guiding individuals towards alignment with their true selves and life's purpose.


In addition to these principles, I integrate my wisdom in energies, particularly Reiki and Sekhem, and art therapy techniques into the coaching process. These modalities serve as powerful tools to facilitate self-discovery, activate the imagination, and tap into creative energy.

By combining these diverse approaches, I create a holistic and supportive environment where individuals can embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, gain clarity, overcome obstacles, and unlock their fullest potential.

Natalia Gentilcore Coach, Artist, Reiki Master

What they say

Natalia Gentilcore Coaching testimonial

"Natalia has such a kind heart, and so much deep wisdom, where she has a powerful way of leading you into your inner self, that feels gentle and yet creates profound inner shifts.

I enjoyed my sessions with her because of her sensitivity and ability to know what you need. I highly recommend her for a coaching experience where you feel nurtured, and able to realise more for yourself. Thank you Natalia!"

Amandine Limtouch -  Choreographer, Artistic Development & Dance Career Coach


Ways to create together

Dive deep into self-exploration, connecting with your inner wisdom and intuition. Bring awareness to your emotions and belief system to become the most authentic version of yourself with 1:1 Coaching.

Love working in groups and facing the mirror of others reflecting into yourseelf?

Are you ready to be the artist of your own reality and let your light shine?

Join us in the Women's Group Coaching Programs.

Hire me to speak on emotional well-being and mindset tools for your community/organization.

Languages: English and Spanish

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