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is just being you in your

fullest expression

Your Purpose


"I believe in a world where every woman does what they love and feel free to share their voice."

Natalia Gentilcore

I also believe we are the artist and architects of our own universe. 

And our life is a canvas ready to be coloured with our thoughts and emotions, a visual bridge of expression of our soul essence.


Hi love!

I am Natalia Gentilcore

An architect by profession, an intuitive artist by heart.

My purpose is to guide you to connect with your heart, to recognise your true essence and allow yourself to shine your light sharing your unique gifts to serve yourself and others.


Through Coaching, Meditation, Reiki and Art.


Where to start?

MIND - BODY - SPIRIT Connection

We often perceive ourselves solely through the lens of our physical existence. However, it is essential to recognize the multifaceted nature of our being, understanding not only the physical body but also the emotional, mental and energetic body.

Each facet contributes to the creation of a complete and wholeness being.

Understanding each level of our nature, connect us back to our core, our essence.


Join me on a transformative journey of self-discovery, where we foster holistic well-being and personal fulfillment.

What would your heart say if you let it speak?

Gently close your eyes, inhale deeply into your chest and allow it to speak.

You can connect with the depth of your being and listen to the whispers of your inner wisdom.

Sounds overwhelming? It can be fun!


We can learn to become the artist of our own reality.


Because we are creative beings by nature,

we have just forgotten about it.

Over the past 5 years, my singular aspiration was to find a work that resonates with my passion, which leads me into a transformative journey of self-development.

Seeking answers everywhere possible.


It wasn't until I embraced the realization that the answer was already within me, that I began to trust my intuition, and take actions guided by it.


Where did it lead me?

To find my own unique expression

and the willingness to share it.

Are you ready to dive deep in knowing yourself?

I am holding your hand, let's do it...



  • Coaching 1:1

  • Women Group Coaching Programs

  • Distance Reiki 1:1

  • Online Reiki Circles

  • Coming soon

  • Reiki+Art+Meditation Workshop

  • Connect Workshop


I invite you to join a space dedicated to personal growth.

It's a safe place to rediscover that all the answers to your questions lie within you. Here, we encourage inner connection, self-love, and curiosity to empower your fullest expression.

Let's begin this journey with a Heart Connection Meditation.

Once you join the community, you'll receive it as a welcoming gift.

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As a creative being I love to paint and artistic photograhpy, I invite you to see My Art

  • Painting 

  • Photography

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