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Coaching 1:1

"It is time to connect with your inner wisdom, that field of infinite possibilities, with who you are.

It is time to allow yourself to express your full potential.

Let your light shine and illuminate your path and the paths of the people around you."

What they say

Natalia Gentilcore Life Purpose Coaching Testimonial

"Natalia has such a kind heart, and so much deep wisdom, where she has a powerful way of leading you into your inner self, that feels gentle and yet creates profound inner shifts.

I enjoyed my sessions with her because of her sensitivity and ability to know what you need. I highly recommend her for a coaching experience where you feel nurtured, and able to realise more for yourself. Thank you Natalia!"

Amandine Limtouch,   Choreographer, Artistic Development & Dance Career Coach


How we will work togheter?

Building connection with your body, intuition and your own energy

Learning mindfulness practical tools to apply in your daily life for deeper self-work

Exploring your mind, emotions, and belief system

Empowering yourself and building confidence

Energetic visualizations to activate your intuition and gain clarity

Facing fears and obstacles that prevent you from being your fullest expression

Learning RAM [Reiki+Art+Meditation] technique - only on 12 sessions program

Learning grounding energy techniques for self-healing and chakra work - only on 12 sessions program

Natalia Gentilcore Coach, Artist, Reiki Master, Meditation

"The codes to know ourselves lie within us already; we just need to make the space to bring them to the surface."



Coaching 1:1 is for you if:

You feel more comfortable with one-on-one interaction instead of group coaching

You sense that there is more than just your body and would like to explore your full potential

You would like to gain clarity on your purpose and share it with confidence

You would love to feel good just by being you and expressing your voice

You take responsability for your life and actions, understanding that all the answers to your questions lie within you

You would like to develop inner wisdom and learn tools to understand the connection between your mind, body and spirit

You would like to experience the power of energetic visualizations to find clarity in your life

You are willing to face your fears and get curious about your belief system

You want to become the artist and arquitect of your own universe



6 online coaching sessions 1:1



12 online coaching sessions 1:1



Languages: English and Spanish

Payment plans available.

If you have a low income, contact us for a lower investment.

Book a free discovery call with Natalia using the form below to discuss the best way to support you on your journey.

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