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Motion Painting - Original Artwork

Motion Painting - Original Artwork


Motion inspire to take action, shown energy - emotion in movement ready to be moved and act.

Where your arrow is pointing?

435 W x 770 H x 33 D mm (dimension includes white wood frame)

Acrylic on Khadi 100% Cotton Rag Paper.

Original: One-of-a-kind Artwork. Please DO NOT add more units at the cart because there is only one, apologies for settings.

Dimensions: 435 W x 770 H x 33 D mm (dimension includes white wood frame)

Materials: Khadi 100% Cotton Rag Paper in a white frame. Ready to hang. Signed, titled and labelled.

Mediums: Acrylic

Part of RAM Paintings

RAM series of paintings are the artist’s expression of capturing the universal energy of Reiki through meditations.

Natalia connects with Reiki to channel universal energy to create meditations that allow us to balance and align the energy centers of our body. Then, she uses acrylic to capture and express the experiences lived during the meditation through colours on paper or canvas.

The abstract paintings hold the intention of a particular energy and bring harmony into the room they are located.

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